NAME - A MediaWiki parser plugin for MoinMoin


  #format media
  ==MediaWiki level 1 header==
  * Bullet without indentation
  ** On level two - as MediaWiki likes

DESCRIPTION is a parser plugin for MoinMoin. It can parse a subset of MediaWiki syntax and use it for MoinMoin.

Supported features

Currently a substantial subset of MediaWiki is supported. These constructs are recognized:

  MediaWiki syntax      Meaning                         Notes
  ''x''                 Italics
  '''x'''               Bold
  '''''x'''''           VeryStrong
  <sup>x</sup>          Superscript text
  <sub>x</sub>          Subscript text
  <small>x</small>      Small text
  <u>x</u>              Underline
  <tt>x</tt>            Preformatted embedded text
  <i>x</i>              Italics
  <b>x</b>              Bold
  &x;                   HTML entities
  <br>                  Breaking paragraphs
  ----                  Divider
  http://x              External Link
  [http://x]            External Link                   [5]
  [http://x y]          External Link with text
  [[x]]                 Link                            [1]
  [[x|y]]               Link with text                  [1]
  [[#Anchor]]           Setting an anchor in a page
  ==x==                 Header level 1
  ===x===               Header level 2
  * x                   Bullet list level 1
  ** x                  Bullet list level 2
  # x                   Numbered list level 1
  ## x                  Numbered list level 2
  *#*                   Mixed lists
  : x                   Indented paragraph level 1
  :: x                  Indented paragraph level 2
  ;x:y                  Definition level 1
  ;;x:y                 Definition level 2              [2]
  <pre>x</pre>          Preformatted uninterpreted text
  <nowiki>x</nowiki>    Uninterpreted text              [3]
  <!-- x -->            Comments                        [4]
These restrictions currently apply:

These adaptions are made:

This is probably an extension to MediaWiki original syntax.

<nowiki> is handled the same as <pre>. I.e. the whitespace structure is kept.

Comments are only recognized if they appear on a single physical line.

The missing link text is not replaced by an automatically generated number.

Each non-discussion page gets an automatic link to its discussion page.

Unsupported features

These things are not yet supported:

  MediaWiki syntax      Meaning
  <center>x</center>    Centered text
  ISBN x                Link to a book by its ISBN
  RFC x                 Link to an RFC
  <strike>x</strike>    Stroke text
  <math>x</math>        TeX markup
   x                    Preformatted text line

Moreover these features are not yet supported:

If you are really missing a feature please check

Feel free to add your feature request there.

Unsupportable features

The following things are beyond a parser because they are replaced while processing an edit of before displaying a page actually. While editing the MoinMoin counterparts must be used:

  MediaWiki syntax      MoinMoin syntax         Meaning
  ~~~                   @USERNAME@              Insert user name
  ~~~~                  @SIG@                   Insert user name and current time
  #REDIRECT [[x]]       #REDIRECT x             Page redirection

Additional features

The following things are inherited from MoinMoin and can be used:

  MoinMoin syntax       Meaning                         Notes
  [[macro(arguments)]]  Macros present in MoinMoin      [1]   Mail addresses
You must use parentheses even if there are no arguments. Otherwise macro syntax would conflict with page names.




Stefan Merten <>


This program is licensed under the terms of the GPL. See